Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Child Custody Disputes During Summer And International Child Abduction

Sitting here this evening and having spoken to 9 different attorneys over the last 4 hours who are part of the I CARE Foundation's attorney network, my eyes continue to be drawn to a 2 foot stack of files.  I must admit, I don't want to really look at them for contained in these folders are files associated with horrific international parental child abduction cases.

In almost every case, the targeted parent was a victim of a clever scheme to abduct by the child's other paent. For many, the abduction took place during a so-called 'Family Vacation Abroad To Visit Family'.

The reality is the vast majority of children who will be internationally abducted will be kidnapped during the summer school vacation. The planning for their abduciton more than likely is well under way. Except the targeted parent does not even know it just yet. They seldom do.

Educate yourself.

Read the report about Summer School Vacation and International Child Abduction.

- Peter Thomas Senese -

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  1. I've become pretty familiar with the case history of well-known family lawyer Marshall Davis Brown JR, and I have to say that these cases are far too common.